Qadra Plus Sparkling

Boiling and chilled, sparkling, hot and cold. A true 5 in 1 system with twin taps.

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Superior Design, Superior Safety, Superior Performance

Billi Quadra Plus Sparkling systems are the ultimate drinking water appliances which dispense boiling and chilled, hot and cold and professional sparkling filtered water instantly. They deliver the following benefits:

Professional saturated sparkling system

The CO2 injection system used in the Billi Sparkling range ensures the saturation of CO2 in the water is high which means it has a better life and, consequently, taste.

Adjustable chilled temperature

A simple adjustable control knob allows the chilled water temperature to be raised to 15˚C or lowered to 6˚C for perfectly chilled, refreshing drinks, with your required temperature being quickly reached and maintained.

Adjustable sparkling water

Adjust the level of sparkling to suit your taste. With adjustable controls up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure, this offers the world’s best carbonation system.

Safety first

The Billi SplashFree boiling water delivery electronically varies the water flow, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters the cup. All Billi dispensers are supplied standard with a safety switch. In addition the hot water to the mixer tap is controlled to conform with regulations to make it totally safe for washing hands , glasses and cutlery

Cupboard configuration options

The Billi Sparkling range is supplied as two modules enabling multiple cupboard configuration options to maximise the use and efficiency of your cupboard space.

Better for general health

The sparkling system includes a silver Ion (Ag+) system which benefits the health of the user and the unit and eliminates any potential for growth of harmful bacteria.

Filters and CO2 cylinders

Replacement filters and 600gm CO2 cylinders can be purchased from one of our approved merchants, or direct from Billi.



Quadra Plus Sparkling Data Sheet

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